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FlashGet v1.96 + v3.7.0.1222

FlashGet v1.96 + v3.7.0.1220 Download


FlashGet, the purpose of making this program was to increase the download speed and strong management on the downloaded files. This program splits the files virtually into several parts and downloads each part separately, this action increases the speed. Will be up to 500%. With FlashGet you can easily download large files even up to a few gigabytes, the program is generally strong and downloads the file you want from the server with all the power, you may have come across sites that are not allowed by management programs Download files from them This is where FlashGet comes in handy, in almost 60% of cases you can download such files with FlashGet. You can set FlashGet to connect to the Internet after the download is completeTurn off or if you want to turn off the computer, these two features were one of the initiatives of this program, which later other programs added to this feature.

Key Features

  • minimal use of system resources such as Ram and CPU
  • Scan File for download by antivirus to
  • increase download speed of 6 to 10 times by techniques MHT or Multi-server Hyper-threading
  • Using techniques (UDCT, Ultra Disk Cache Tech) to protect the hard drive and prevent damage to downloaded files
  • Support for various protocols including: RSTP, MMS, BT, FTP, HTTP
  • Automatic file classification Downloads for faster access to users
  • Search to find the fastest download link
  • Ability to schedule the start and end of downloads
  • Ability to disconnect from the InternetOr turn off the computer after downloading
  • Support for most common browsers, including: Netcape, Opera, Internet Explorer, etc.
  • Ability to set the download speed range manually, suitable for downloading files and browsing the web at the same time
  • Support for all types of Proxy Servers
  • Clipboard memory monitoring for automatic download links
  • File search toolbar
  • Ability to download Torrent files
  • Support for eMule / ed2k
  • Support for 20 living languages of the world
  • Free, clean and free of any Spyware and malware
  • Full support for HTTP / FTP / BT protocols
  • Support for batch download