DiskGenius Professional V5.3.0.1066 Download + Activation / Regcode / Key

DiskGenius Professional V5.3.0.1066 Download + Activation / Regcode / Key-1

DiskGenius Professional V5.3.0.1066 Download

Key Features

  • Disk partition manager: format, clone, hide, image, wipe, resize partitions.
  • Data backup: disk & partition backup protects data against loss or damage.
  • Data recovery: recover deleted, formatted or lost data from various devices.

New Features

  1. [New] Support high-resolution displays (DPI adaptation). The interface display is no longer blurred when the software runs on 4K screens and laptops.
  2. [New] Support to virtualize current Windows operating system into VMware virtual machine.
  3. [New] Disk cloning function supports to clone large disk to small disk and allows to change the size of each partition on target disk.
  4. [New] Start to use an independent preview process and improve the stability of the main program.
  5. [New] The number of CPU threads can be specified for compression mode in the advanced settings of the partition backup function.
  6. [New] The search for known file types in file recovery function adds support for CR3 file format.
  7. [New] The function of creating vmdk virtual disk supports to set target disk as SATA and NVMe.


Chinese Version

File Parameters Parameter Values
File name DG5301066_x64.zip
File Size 39MB
File format ZIP archive

English Version

File Parameters Parameter Values
File name DGEngSetup5301066.exe
File Size 61.2MB
File format EXE Installer


  1. Download cracked file https://www.zhishitu.com crack.zip
  2. Unzip crack.zip and copy all the files inside to the DiskGenius program directory to complete the crack
    DiskGenius Pro V5.3.0.1066