Babylon Pro v9.0.1.r5 Download – Easy Word & Text Translation

Babylon Pro v9.0.1.r5

Babylon Pro v9.0.1.r5 Download


Babylon Ltd is a subsidiary of Formula Company. Launched in 1997, the company launched the “Babylon Dictionary” demo version (unlimited) and launched the software for free until 2001 and has since offered and sold it. Made a commercial version.

Babylon is a pioneering dictionary and text translation software. Babylon Software will meet all your translation needs. With Babylon you can quickly document , email , web pagesTranslate yourself and all the words you want. Babylon software currently has about 30 million users. This software that uses the OCR feature will always be at your fingertips. Whenever you want to translate a word, just a single click will show you the translation of the word in over 50 different languages around the world. The floating window of this program will always be with you as an assistant, as it will appear with a single click of the word as it moves by mouse without any click (this feature must be set by the user).

Key Feature

  • translate words and texts
  • has 25 basic vocabulary in 75 different languages including Farsi
    (to activate all languages must Glossary of any separate download for you)
  • Unit Converter and Unit Converter Money in one click
  • contains over 3 million words
  • Personal dictionary containing 1600 topics related to commerce, biology, computers, chemistry and more in 70 languages
  • Dictionary activation Just one click on each word in different programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and other Windows- based programs
  • Converter Units
  • Word Modifier Spelling (correcting in different languages)
  • Correct pronunciation of words (with male and female voices)
  • Ability to connect to Wikipedia encyclopedia
  • New Auto Completion
    feature – New ability to customize the software window
  • and more …

Some features of the new version of Babylon Software

  • Easily translate all applications with just one click
    Just click on any computer program you want and access its immediate and fast translation as well as various dictionary and encyclopedia content on a variety of topics, topics and content.
  • Spell-checker and text
    correction Babylon spell-checker and text correction to help ensure that something important is not omitted or missed in your text and lets you find spelling mistakes (such as typographical errors, syntax, etc.). Also gives. The Babylon spelling correction and text correction service helps you write words without spelling and become a better writer. This feature will suggest the best words, phrases, and terms to replace the text and automatically check your text. This service is very necessary when writing an emailAnd writing documents with Microsoft Office is also helpful when preparing web page texts.
  • Live Translation Community:
    Babylon 9 enables you to easily participate in Babylon’s large community of native speakers and professional translators around the world. You can ask your questions to the live Babylon Human Translation Community, whether it be a language-related question, a short question, or an academic essay review – the Babylon Human Community, made up of thousands of Babylon users, ready to provide round the clock help. It’s up to you!
  • Offered in 75 different languages:
    Babylon automatically identifies the languages you use and need and provides results in those languages