HD Tune Pro 5.75 Download + Serial / Key Activation / Patch

HD Tune Pro 5.75 Download

HD Tune Pro 5.75 Download


HD Tune Pro is a program for systematic detailed testing of the current health and performance of hard drives / SSDs with various interfaces (SCSI, SATA or IDE), as well as memory cards and flash drives.

The program measures and visually displays such drive parameters as data transfer rate, read, write and access time, processor load level, hard drive temperature, shows data supplied by SMART in the form of a summary table, allows you to scan hard drives and other drives for errors , provides information about the firmware version, serial number, disk size and details on users of usable area, its cache, possible and active data transfer modes, etc., etc.

Key Features

  • Measuring speed and performance
  • Displaying information about partitions
  • Displaying supported functions
  • Displaying information about the firmware version, serial number, drive capacity, buffer size, data transfer mode
  • Displaying as a summary table of SMART data
  • Scanning for errors
  • Displaying information about the temperature of drives
  • Copying information as text to clipboard
  • Copy screenshots with information to clipboard

System Requirements

  • Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • 2 MB of free disk

Installation Guide

  1. Run hdtunepro_570_full.exe to install the software
  2. After the installation is complete, start the software
  3. Unzip keygen.zip and run keygen.exe
  4. Fill in the registration information and use the Serial Number generated by the keygen to register the software
  5. Registered and activated, enjoy~