DiskGenius Professional V5.4.1.1178 Download + Activation / Regcode / Key

DiskGenius Professional V5.3.0.1066 Download + Activation / Regcode / Key-1

DiskGenius Professional V5.4.1.1178 Download

Key Features

  • Disk partition manager: format, clone, hide, image, wipe, resize partitions.
  • Data backup: disk & partition backup protects data against loss or damage.
  • Data recovery: recover deleted, formatted or lost data from various devices.

New Features

  1. [New] Support to parse Windows Storage Pools and Storage Spaces and support to perform read-only operations to them.
  2. [New] The system migration function supports to keep existing partitions of target disk when there is enough unallocated space on target disk.
  3. [Enhanced] The partition resizing function supports to adjust the beginning location of system partition on a MBR disk.
  4. [Enhanced] Improve the fault tolerance capability of extracting files from partition backup image file (.pmf).
  5. [Enhanced] Optimize the file recovery function for FAT32 partitions.
  6. [Enhanced] Optimize the file recovery function for NTFS partitions.
  7. [Fixed] Fixed an issue that sometimes the file list might be cleared when extracting files from partition backup image file (.pmf).


  1. Download cracked file https://www.zhishitu.com
  2. Unzip crack.zip and copy all the files inside to the DiskGenius program directory to complete the crack
    C:\Program Files\DiskGenius