Photoshop CC 2019 Multi-Language Download + Active / Activation

On October 15th, Adobe released several major updates in Creative Cloud at the MAX 2018 Innovation Conference, including Photoshop CC, Lightroom CC, and Illustrator CC

photoshop cc 2019

Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 Multi-Language Download

New features

  • Improved content recognition fill – With Adobe Sensei technology, you can select the pixels used for the fill with a new dedicated workspace and rotate, scale and mirror the source pixels. You can also create fills on other layers to preserve the original image.
  • Improved deformation tools – more precise control of deformation to get the look you want. Customize the grid, freeze specific areas, and use multiple deformation effects.
  • Multiple undo – Undo multi-step operation with Ctrl+Z
  • Added color wheel color picker – it will be very convenient when looking for contrasting colors and adjacent colors
  • Improved brush performance – Don’t be slowed down by slower pens, new faster response times are especially important when using larger brushes in larger documents
  • Path improvement – Improve the appearance of the path, choose the color and line thickness to make them easier to see.
  • Copy and paste layers – When you copy and paste multiple layers in a group, you can keep the same order and position without having to drag and reorder them, and copy the layers to the clipboard between documents. Then paste it into the specific location you want in the artboard
  • Support for Microsoft Dial – With native support for Microsoft Dial, you can quickly access important controls without using a mouse. Control brush parameters, including size, hardness, opacity



  1. Off the net (continuous network can also, but will install Adobe creactive Cloud)
  2. Double-click Set-up.exe to install the default installation directory directly.
  3. The installation is complete and exit the installer. Open the software to use