DiskGenius Professional V5.2.1.941 Download + Active / Activation

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DiskGenius Professional V5.2.0.884 Download

Key Features

  • Disk partition manager: format, clone, hide, image, wipe, resize partitions.
  • Data backup: disk & partition backup protects data against loss or damage.
  • Data recovery: recover deleted, formatted or lost data from various devices.

New Features

  1. [New] “Search for Known File Types” in File Recovery function adds support for prt, heif(.heic) photos, 3dm, zpr, jdp, vs3d and ptb file types.
  2. [New] File preview supports to open heif(.heic) photos.
  3. [Enhanced] Improve the Copy Sectors dialog box and enhance its ability to handle bad sectors, facilitating users to image hard drives with bad sectors.
  4. [Enhanced] Copy details is displayed automatically after finishing copying sectors.
  5. [Enhanced] Improve the partition backup function, increasing the backup speed when original drive and target files are not on the same disk.
  6. [Enhanced] A control showing current path is added to the top of Files window, supporting to jump to the path enter by users, Desktop and Documents.


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    DiskGenius Pro V5.2.1.941