Pixologic ZBrush v2020.1.1 x64 Download + Activation / Registration

Pixologic ZBrush v2020.1.1 x64 Download

Pixologic ZBrush v2020.1.1 x64 Download


In the modern cinematic world today , ZBrush software is used to create most cartoon characters and monsters. This powerful software is a product of Pixologic company in the field of making 3D images, with which you will have more freedom and possibilities in your designs. This software is a specialized and professional program for making animation and using it in cartoon animations, 3D movies and games.Are. In this software, all kinds of brushes are available for creating scratches, textures, corrosion, etc., which you can use in making and designing 3D Sculpture images (or engraving like natural in a 3D effect), and You can also view and edit your model in any condition as RealTime from different angles. Other key features of this software include the ability to use Mesh Morphing tools, image and volume optimization tools, tools to return to the last step, the ability to save output images in 3ds, html, Swf and .. Noted.

Key Features

  • Rendering in single frame or animation mode
  • Creating 3D images without background
  • Ability to import different images for use in 3D image
  • High power in rendering images
  • Presentation Real Time displays during design
  • Ability to use Mesh Morphing
  • Back to the last step
  • Save output images in 3ds, html, Swf formats

System Requirements

ZBrush and ZBrushCore are CPU-based software, meaning that a special video card is not required to get the best results when running the applications. ZBrush and ZBrushCore will work on most computers running Mac OSX and Windows. Simply make sure that your system meets or exceeds the following recommended requirements.

  • OS: 64-bit editions of Windows Vista or newer.
  • CPU: Intel i5 / i7 / Xeon technology or AMD equivalent.
  • RAM: 8 GB required for working with multi-million poly models. (16+ GB preferred.)
  • HDD: 100 GB of free hard drive space for ZBrush and its scratch disk. (SSD drive highly recommended.)
  • Pen Tablet: Wacom or Wacom compatible. (WinTab API.)
  • Monitor: 1920×1080 monitor resolution or higher with 32-bit color.
  • Video card: Most cards manufactured 2008 or newer. Must support OpenGL 3.3 or higher.


File Parameters Parameter Values
File name ZBrush 2020.1
File Size 1.60GB
File format Folder

Installation Guide

  1. Start the ZBrush_2020_Installer.exe installer
  2. Run updater.exe to install the update (first copy it from the ZBrush 2020.1.1 update folder to the ZBrush 2020 installation directory, the default is C:\Program Files\Pixologic\ZBrush 2020).
  3. From the ZBrush 2020.1.1 update\Fix 1.1 folder, copy the ZBrush.exe file and replace the original one under the ZBrush installation directory (default is C:\Program Files\Pixologic\ZBrush 2020) .
  4. Finish.

Tip: Just in case

  1. You can use a firewall to block ZBrush from accessing the Internet or
  2. Add a line in the hosts file (C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts) pixologic.com